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Protecting Your Family From Shocks - GFCI outlets


1. A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet or breaker is designed to protect people from severe or fatal electric shocks. It can also prevent some electrical fires and reduce the severity of other fires by interrupting the flow of electric current.

2. GFCI protected outlets are required for the kitchen counter area, by laundry or utility sinks, outside outlets, in garages, crawl spaces, pools, unfinished a...ttics and unfinshed basements.

3. If your unsure where you need these outlets please give Chet's Electric LLC a call. Here's more information from The Consumer Product Protection Commission


Surge Protectors

Surge protectors protect any device that is plugged into a wall outlet from damaging power surges. These short duration power surges can be caused by lightning strikes, downed power lines, power outages, on /off cycles of large appliances and tools, and problems from the power company or electrical grid.

Whole house surge protectors can be installed at the main electrical panel. These handle large surges. Individual surge protectors locate...d with the item being protected provide further protection.

What to protect: PC's, printers, modems, routers, TV's, cable boxes, DVD players, DVR's, video games, appliances (microwaves, washers, dryers). Basically items that have sensitive electronics.

What they look like: a small unit that plugs directly into a wall outlet or a strip with multiple outlets. There will be a light labeled "protected" on it. A power strip is not a surge protector. They look similar, but a power strip is an extension cord with multiple outlets that does not protect against a power surge.

If you'd like a quote on a whole house surge protector please give Chet's Electric LLC a call. Here's more information:

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